10 Reasons Why You Need Whiteboard Stands for Your Kids Immediately (2020)

10 Reasons Why You Need Whiteboard Stands for Your Kids Immediately (2020)

Under this Pandemic, the schools are closed, and no one knows when everything will be back to normal, but your child won’t suffer as we have exciting news for you.

Your Child’s Classroom and the School can be at home, WOW !! Yes, you read that correctly. Let us guide you how can a Whiteboard Stand or a Chalkboard Stand helps them and also why it is a must-have product for every child’s growth… 🙂

1. Express themselves without the use of words -

Painting helps your children communicate their emotions or feelings. Using different colors, they can express themselves without using the words as every kid does not have a great vocabulary, but they do have the right to express themselves.

Whiteboard stands to give them an excellent paper-saving area where they can paint as much as they want and express themselves, and you can connect with them more powerfully.

2. Best Screen-Free Play option for your child -

Do you know that kids between the ages of 2-6 spend 6 hours of screen time in a day, playing games, watching videos on a mobile, laptop, or an iPad, which builds a wall between you and your child, which in later life causes a lot of problems, that no parent wants?

Whiteboards with stands are recommended by 24,000+ Parents in India who told us that after investing in these stands, their kids are spending more time playing, drawing & learning new things with them rather than spending time in mobiles.

These are just little tools and investments that bring you and your child together forever 🙂

3. The notebook is tiny in front of their imaginations -

Your child’s notebook is very tiny in front of their imaginations and does not give them enough space for painting, writing, or anything else, that comes to their mind.

But, there is a lot of space for your kids in the Whiteboards stands, which can help them do all the necessary and teach them to save the paper, which is excellent learning.

Do take a Stand which has a big Writing Area, more space, more the imagination 🙂

4. Enhance feelings between your both kids -

So, if you have two kids & you are looking for a tool that allows them to play & learn together and improve their interactivity and love.

These double-sided stands are more than perfect for both of them, especially you because they both have their area to do their work and switch sides to complete each other’s work. It depends upon how you use them.

Don’t think much. It’s a tiny life, and we also want both of you kids to be together with love like you do 🙂

5. Help in Developing Primary/ Important/ Essential Skills -

Do you know why some kids do so big in their life, and the others are always left blaming everybody else, or why some of the kids look for solutions, and the others are still stuck with the problems ??

All of the above is because of the skills, basic but essential skills like Practicing, Handwriting, or even expressing themselves. This looks small right now, but its the most significant investment you can make for them.

*Bonus Tip* – Only one easel will be sufficient for kids from kindergarten to elementary school because of the stands’ height adjustment feature. (The height is adjustable as the kid’s growth meets different height requirements and delivers years of use).

6. Help to obtain hand-eye coordination -

Painting aids children acquire hand-eye coordination, an essential skill in their age. This is developed while they learn to paint the parts they see, making sure their hand movement is at a level with their vision.

Whiteboard Stands (also known as Easels) are excellent and perfect tools to give them plenty of space and paint their heart out with developing hand-eye coordination & more.

7. Exercises Overall Healthy Brain Development -

Creative activities like painting use a different part of the brain than reading and or math. The brain’s right side is our creative half and responsible for visual skills and understanding that we see through our eyes.

Creative play and painting activities help exercise your child’s right brain leading to overall healthy brain development.

8. Helps in growing their movement skills -

Painting aids your child in developing mobility skills. Their hand muscles are being used, which allows them to scope to grow both mentally and physically.

Working with a brush or small tool helps develop fine motor skills (short muscle control). While using the easel/ stand helps develop large muscle control (Gross Motor Skills).

9. They are a kind of therapy for Kids -

Painting helps children develop their decision-making skills. They need to plan as they choose which color should be used for different parts of the painting.

Painting can play the role of therapy for a child who might be feeling different emotions, whether these feelings are subtle or extreme. In addition to communication, painting can help children feel better about things they may have bottled up inside.

10. Spend Valuable Time with your Kid -

Painting provides you and your children a great platform to bond and spend valuable time together. In an engaging way that will not make them bore in just a couple of minutes.

You will be able to spend hours and hours of creative learning and bonding with the help of these fantastic Whiteboard Stands & Chalkboards Stands for kids available in 24+ options & the good news is that you can customize them in the way that suits your child.

These are just a few benefits & uses that you get with these Stands. They are a lot more helpful in developing and upbringing your child’s true potential… 🙂

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