Difference Between Normal & Scientific Calculator

Difference Between Normal & Scientific Calculator

A “standard” calculator includes the four basic arithmetic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), and maybe buttons for things like memory (M+, MC), percentages (%) and square roots (√).

A “scientific” calculator includes everything found on a standard calculator, along with a number of special mathematical functions. Not all scientific calculators have the same exact features, but they do all include the trigonometry functions (SIN, COS, TAN), and exponential functions (x^y, log, etc.).

So one quick way of checking whether or not a calculator is a scientific calculator is if you see the buttons for “SIN”, “COS”, “TAN”. If it has them, then it’s safe to assume you have a scientific calculator. If not, then you probably have either a standard calculator or maybe another type, like a business calculator.

As for graphing calculators, every graphing calculator on the market now is a scientific calculator too. They just have an extra big window for showing graphs. But not all scientific calculators are graphing calculators. You can find a nice cheap non-graphing scientific calculator these days for $10. Sometimes that’s really all you need for high school math and science.

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