Best A4 Printing/ Xerox Papers Shopping Guide in India : Bulk Purchase or Selling (2019)

Best A4 Printing/ Xerox Papers Shopping Guide in India : Bulk Purchase or Selling (2019)

Whether you want to start a new A4 Paper Business or you are currently doing. This Guide will not only help you in choosing the right product but even how to boost your sales in Multiple Platforms Available in India.

After Reading this Post You will Definitely Get an Idea to Increase your Sales of A4 Paper & Bring a Change in your life.

Lets Start with the Sectors where A4 Papers are required.

Office & Corporates

Office Stationery

Office & Corporates uses the maximum amount of A4 Papers in India. Be it for the Invoices or the Accounting. So Targeting Office & Corporates and getting tie ups will definitely boost your A4 Paper Business to a new level.

Also always focus on giving Quality & Excellent Service as you want repetitive orders instead of just once.

Home & Personal

Home Stationery

After GST, serving through Pan India is so simple that we suggest you to serve Nationwide. If you want to get Logistics Support you can tie up with services like FedEx, BlueDart & more.

But, make sure that the packaging of your goods is safe so that your Ratings can be higher & you can boost your business.

Flats & Apartment

Flats & Apartments Stationery

Flats & Apartments also consume a huge amount of A4 Papers because of the Invoicing & Maintenance Report Sheets and also the Meetings Filling.

You can tie up with them for the supplies and if you are in Stationery you can even provide them with Acrylic Door Boards to give them a variety of options.

Pre School & Junior Wing

Pre School Stationery

We all know that Education is the most important thing in everyone’s life and the same focus os given from the beginning to every children which definitely requires a lot of A4 Papers in their Reports, Exams & Extra Activities.

You can start with nearby schools and gradually increase the area. Give them the best of services so they can’t resist choosing you as their authorised supplier.

Banks & Industry

Bank Stationery

You think of Bank and there is paper on your mind, yes there is a huge opportunity which people miss out by not serving in Banks. They do require A4 Paper in Bulk and in now days they are consuming more than 28% of the production.

Start with a Single Bank chain instead of multiple and gradually they will assign you for their other branches and in this way you business will definitely get a rise.

Schools & Colleges

School Stationery

Education in India consumes 50% of the Stationery Products as they are meant for them in every term. Schools and Colleges conduct exams amost daily and their consumtion of A4 Papers is the highest.

So never miss serving Schools & Colleges. Contact them via Email, Phone, Catalog, Give Samples and crack the deal in order to achieve high results.

Hospital & Clinics

Hospital Stationery

After GST, Invoicing is must everywhere and this increases the consumption of A4 Paper in Hospitals & Clinics to nearly 20%. They do also have to maintain a proper record of every patient.

Resulting in excessive use of A4 Papers. So do target nearby hospitals and clinics because they can be a huge asset to your business. All the best !!

Hotel & Restaurants

Hotel Stationery

Hotels are among the top 3 consumers of A4 Papers in India because of the strict Laws that they have to follow in keeping the records of every stay at their place.

Which Results in 10-25 sheets of A4 Paper per Visit. So you can calculate how much an average Hotel consumes so targeting them for your business is a great way to boost your sales & reputation.

A4 Printing and Copier Papers

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