7 Steps to Increase Your A4 Paper Business in India : Awesome & Best Results 2019

7 Steps to Increase Your A4 Paper Business in India : Awesome & Best Results 2019

Want to Increase your A4 Paper Business Quickly ??

Lets find out ways from which you can boost your business effectively and create value in the market.

First of all the Prime Learning for every business is to Create Value instead of Creating Money. Sounds Right or Wrong ?

If you focus on the problems and giving their solutions then you have a great scope to make money. But if you start any business just in wish to earn money then you are not doing it in correct ways.

Because to improve the business you need to be passionate about it. So lets start with the 7 Steps to Increase your A4 Copier Paper Business.

Invest More to Earn More !!

Yes, you heard this correct and you already know this. The more Investment you can make in this business, make it. As Large Stocks of Multiple Brands definitely help you grow the business.

We have about 24 Brands in A4 Papers which helps us grow the business in every part of country rather than just in a city or nearby states. So dont forget to Invest as much as possible.

More the Paper you have, more likely the customers are about to convert, because in this business for instance a customer has an requirement and you are unable to fulfill that then there are chances that he or she might not return back.

So either you have the specifi brand or any alternatives, always keep enough stock to be in the market.

7 Steps to Increase A4 Paper Business in India

Avail Benefits of 12% GST !!

You have a GST Number ?? No ?? Get one. If you already have then cheers you can take maximum benefits of that.

GST made supplying so easy for everyone in every part of the country and we have taken full advantage of that so why not you ?

Benefits you get from having an GST Number is that you can supply to the most elite customers in the market. Yes, sounds strange ? Because you find that 12% part making your rate high. Sorry but you are wrong.

From GST Number you can Sell in all Online Portals like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm & many more. Also GeM is the biggest market for you but you cannot enter that without GST Number.

Many High Offices, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges only entertain Supplier who supply them with Proper GST Invoice.

So dont think twice and take the benefits of the GST and supply to every part of the country instead of supplying in small area.

7 Steps to Increase A4 Paper Business in India

Supply Quality Products Only !!

We find Customers complaining in Other Online Portals about the damaged condition of the product while it reached them. Why do that ??

Customer wont return back if you give them this kind of service. Always and always make sure that you supply fresh goods to your customers.

Invest some more money in your warehouse or the packaging you use. You can use Thermacoal and then get it repacked from an Corrugated Board to make sure that it reaches safely if you are sending from Transport or Courier Partners.

And if you are simply loading the goods and sending via vehicle then do guide the Labours to handle the boxes carefully and also the Driver to drive Proplerly so that the goods reaches safely to the customer.

Happy Customers Convert 95% More than the Unhappy ones. So make sure you create value while prviding your service.

7 Steps to Increase A4 Paper Business in India

Give Complete Payment Security !!

These days there are multiple ways to collect payments from the customers which are completely secure but very few people take advantage of that. Which reduces the growth of the business.

Yes, you heard that correct. If you give your customers an assurance of the payments they make you are more likely to convert them. By taking the money you are secure but what about the Customer ?

Give them the best of security you can give which is for real as many people play games with and cheat the customers which is the most dangerous thing they can do to their business, life and goodwill.

Why to cheat anyone and keep their money, you can only do that once or twice but if you want a good business with ethics never do that and give customers payment security so that they convert again and again.

As the A4 Paper Business works on volume not on Single Profit Deal.

7 Steps to Increase A4 Paper Business in India

Be Aware of the Latest Trends !!

You think that you know everything in the business ? Unfortunately you are wrong. You are definitely not using all the opportunities because of this misconception. Lets Clear that.

Online Business is the Future and only 12% Entrepreneurs use this. We are not talking about Selling in Amazon, GeM as you already know that. We are talking about you taking advantage of the Online Era in order to operate and run your business effectively.

Unable to Understand ?? Lets tell you how Belief Mart takes the benefit.

Simply by giving an wonderful experience to every customer via Mobile Optimized Website. Yes you heard that correct. Website is the Biggest Tool to grow your business and make dure its mobile friendly.

We receive about 20 lakh visits every month and about 50 Thousand Orders by simply giving every customer an customized and simple platform to get Desired Stationery Products.

There are likely more than 50 ways and we will update in New Article Shortly. Do subscribe to get Latest Trends.

7 Steps to Increase A4 Paper Business in India

Be in Touch for Trust !!

Your Customer Recently Converted but how do you make sure that he will come to you again ? Have you created any special place in the customers mind that tells him to visit you as soon as they have the requirement again?

It is very important for you to not only give a good service but also create your space by giving some extra. What Extra you must be thinking?

We are not talking about giving offers or discounts. You can give them some value like providing a freebie when they purchase you for the first time or gift anything as a start for a long relationship.

There are multiple ways and you have to think them depending on the type of ways you use for connect. It can even be a Good Quote by Whatsapp. Nothing is small.

7 Steps to Increase A4 Paper Business in India

Invest in Yourself Also !!

Investing in yourself will boost you more quickly than investing in your business. All the methods will work only if you Invest in yourself. How is that possible ?

Do you have ever thought why any customer has not converted even if he has an requirement?

Answer is very simple, he did not found the value from you, Why? Maybe because of some rate issues, service problem or the communication problem ?

Never and ever forget to learn from the deal you lost. Invest in Communication Skills, Speaking Skills be it in Engligh or Hindi doesn’t matter. The thing that matter the most is that how humble and patient you are.

You can achieve unbelievable heights if you have the passion to learn every time from everything that happens.

This Includes Proper Schedule from waking up to sleep. So Invest in yourself and grab all the opportunities.

7 Steps to Increase A4 Paper Business in India

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