This simple practice and investment can increase your life and solve one of the biggest problems while Working/ Teaching or Studying at Home !!

This simple practice and investment can increase your life and solve one of the biggest problems while Working/ Teaching or Studying at Home !!

Do you know that under this Pandemic, while Working or Studying at home, you are spending more than half of your time sitting in the chair?

This habit causes many problems in the long run like heart diseases, weak legs, weight gain, anxiety and depression, cancer risk, and a lot more, which is not acceptable in any way.

First of all, promise yourself and us that every 30 minutes, you will stand and move for about 2 – 3 minutes. Following this simple rule will be a game-changer in your life. Obey your promise.

Now, apart from the promise you just made, let us tell you the advantages of keeping a Whiteboard Stand or a Hanging Whiteboard fixed on your wall for whatever reason you are working/ teaching or studying at home.

1. They will help in creating the right environment -

You know that it is essential to create a positive and dedicated environment where you are doing your office work, teaching students online, or yourself studying at home.

Creating the environment gives your mind a signal that it’s not a “Relaxation Zone,” so it works in a way that can help you complete all of your pending tasks or the things that you are working on.

It can be any place but placing the right tools are essential to get the right results for which you are working so hard. I, too, have made this mistake, so don’t want anyone to repeat it.

2. Improve your efficiency & keep you disciplined -

You have read almost everywhere that to achieve anything in life, you need to be disciplined, but no one tells how ?? Let me give you a simple piece of advice to stop being very hard on yourself, take a breath, and note down one task that you will do it in any situation no matter what happens.

Place a Whiteboard on your wall or a stand with a whiteboard and just note down that task you want to complete and do every day, then add a job each week, we all make the mistake of starting altogether, and then slowly we are left with doing nothing, and we feel horrible.
So take up a task for this week and continue to increase the functions because there’s a beautiful saying that “First you make habits, then they make you.”

Trust yourself no matter what and believe that you will give your best today for your life, which will be filled with beautiful moments of you helping others in this fantastic journey called LIFE .. <3

3. Help you stop procrastination & missing deadlines -

What is procrastination? It’s only not taking the right action at the right time and delaying stuff, which in the long run is very irritating, and you feel depressed because you know that it’s your mistake, but you simply carry this on and miss all the opportunities on your path.

You miss one deadline and then tell your mind that it’s OK, but it’s not as this pattern is created inside your brain, and it will help you always delay stuff that is not good, and you know that.

Always keep the bigger picture of your life in the mind, not just this day but also the main reason for your purpose in life. Sounds silly, right? But deep in your heart, you know that what I am saying is what you want.

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