Magnetic White Marker Boards

Magnetic White Marker Boards :

  • Magnetic White Marker Boards have same features like Non-Magnetic White Marker Boards, the difference lies in the Laminate sheet & Galvanized Sheet which is used at the back for Magnetic Effect.
  • These boards are made up of White Marker Resin Coated Laminate, MDF (Medium Density Fibre Board) & Galvanized Sheet.
  • The sandwich of above three layers are framed with heavy anodized Aluminum Sections & Plastic Corners.
  • Concealed corner clamps are provided at the back side for easy wall mounting.
  • These White Marker Boards accept magnets.
  • We use high quality adhesive for strong bonding made out of German Technology.
  • Magnetic White Marker Boards are more superior than Non-Magnetic White Marker Boards which are available in market.
  • Standard Sizes : 1.5 x 2 feet | 2 x 3 feet | 4 x 3 feet | 4 x 6 feet | 4 x 8 feet.

Product Features

100% Customer Satisfaction

From Past 6 years we have been serving these boards & have got only positive reviews, try & see !!

3 Frames Available

We have 3 Frames to choose from – Aluminum, Silver & Wooden Framed. Wooden Frame is the most selling one.

Free Delivery (All Over India)

Partnership with 136+ Dealers & 8 Courier Partners makes it easy to deliver products all over India.

German Technology Bonding

The bonding between Particle Board, Sunmica & Laminate is done by German Technology.

Concealed Corner Clamps

Chromium Plated Plastic Corners & Normal Plastic Corners are used for the finish.

100% White Laminate

We use 100% White Laminate for White Marker Board & don’t compromise on Quality.

Magnetic White Marker Boards