Our Story

♥ My Story ♥

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Finding the Purpose –
I found the purpose of my life back in 2011 when, for the first time, I read the Poem – “The Elementary School” in my 11th Grade final exams time.

A small yet compelling poem that Inspired me made me cry in which the children had no hope or light in their school and were waiting for someone to get them out of that place.

That is the day when I promised myself that I would be the light to as many children and other people I can be in my life & empower them to their full potential.

Dream to Help Others –
I went to New Zealand for my studies and, in 9 months drop out of my college – Manakau Institute of Technology, to start a business.

At that time, my Mother was painting notice boards and was very new in the market, so started helping her and learned to create a website as I was from the Science side (which was one of the first mistakes I made) because was very, very bad in numerical and stuff 😀

But there’s one particular thing that I got to understand in New Zealand, which was the job as a Computer Assistant in the college. While helping students of nearly 20+ countries and multiple age, I realized that I love helping people to solve their problems and feel no boundaries while helping anyone achieve their dreams, which is my only dream.

♥ Our Mission ♥

The belief and the purpose with which the products are made of helping people & improve their lives makes them truly unique.

By helping you be more organized, avoid procrastinating, not missing any of your deadlines, personalizing your area, children’s fine-motor skills, handwriting, drawing & many other skills.

We serve with products or information that helps people & children who are Working/ Teaching or Studying from home to make them more organized and give them the power to Find & Achieve their True Potential.

You should only buy our products if you have the belief that your dreams are possible if you give your very best each day to Find & Achieve Your True Potential.

Because we know what it’s like not to live life completely, live life without a purpose, to keep working for something that you don’t really want.
You need to feel happy every day, wake up with a fighting spirit. Because a life not lived for others is not a life. You can change your life and others too.

Because we have suffered a lot and faced many hurdles in our journey, but our belief didn’t let us stop, which is to give the best every day to improve our lives and the ones who are needy. Every Information or product that we share will have our Purpose & Mission – to help you Find & Achieve Your True Potential.

♥ Our Promise ♥

We Promise that we will honestly help the needy ones throughout we live with your help & contribution, and from 1st September 2020 – 10% of your order value will be contributed instead of 5% for the growth of the needy. 

In Children’s Education, Nursing Homes Supplies, Stray Animals Shelter, Feeding the Hungry & anything that can improve lives to make this world a beautiful and better place for every living & non-living being.

We will spread your love & contribution by presenting you with beautiful videos in our brand new Youtube Channel & Trust Firm on 1st January 2021 !!
♥        Right Belief Trust Private Limited        ♥