Shaped Boards

Un-Framed Shaped Display Boards

Our Commitment towards serving Unique Products & Customizations of Customers Requests helped us in designing these boards, which not only serve the purpose of Notice – Display Boards but also create a positive & new atmosphere by their way of shape & use.

  • All of our Boards are Manufactured from the Best Quality Raw Materials.
  • We have 2 types of Boards as per Quality & Pricing. (Fabric Cloth & Premium Cotton Cloth).
  • These Boards are mostly served in Offices, Homes & Pre-Schools with customizations of type & size.
  • The Best of all are the Premium Cotton Boards which are served to 80+ Countries Worldwide from us.
  • We are the Only Manufacturers of Cotton (Premium) Cloth Display Pin Up Boards.

Cotton (Premium) Display Boards

“We are the only Manufacturers & Exporters of these Shaped Boards in the World. These are High-Quality Shaped Boards with Premium Cotton Cloth Covering for Durability & Beauty”

Product Features

100% Customer Satisfaction

From Past 6 years we have been serving these boards & have got only positive reviews, try & see !!

Un-Framed Boards

These are Un-Framed Boards with thick SoftBoards as compared to Normal Ones for long durability.

Free Delivery (All Over India)

Partnership with 136+ Dealers & 8 Courier Partners makes it easy to deliver products all over India.

Fabric Felt Matte Cloth

Fabric Felt Cloth is used in Economy Boards which is thick & is available in 8-10 dark colors.

Customization's Accepted

Apart from these shapes & boards, we even customize these boards as per Customer’s Requirements.

100% Hand Weaved Cotton

The Cotton (Premium) Boards are completely made from hand weaving with checking at all phases.