Belief-Boards Wooden Framed (White Board | Fabric Notice Board) Combination Boards – 002


Belief-Boards Wooden Framed (White Board | Fabric Notice Board) Combination Boards – 002


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Key Features :

  • Cloth Colors: 8 Different Colors
  • Cloth Type: Matt Tied Cloth
  • Frame: Wooden Framed (1 inch)
  • Material Used: Soft Board (9-12 mm)
  • Hanging Hooks: Present at back (Best Fitting) For Wall Mounting
  • Freebies: Free 10-12 Push Pins & Hanging Hardware (With Guide)

“At every step, from procurement of the yarn through the various stages of dyeing, weaving, washing, and finishing of the fabric, there is a personal supervision by our in-house production team, thereby ensuring the quality of the product that reaches you.”

  • We developed these Wooden Framed Notice Boards to Serve our Clients with our Commitment of Uniqueness in every Product.
  • We are the Only Manufacturers & Exporters of these Cotton Fabric Notice/ Display/ Pin & Bulletin Boards.
  • Their Vibrant Colors & the Quality makes them Stand Apart from the other Shaped boards available in the market.
  • We use 100% Cotton Fabric to Provide a Premium Finish on these Boards.
  • Usually, Cork is used for Manufacturing these Boards which makes the Push Pin hard to insert after a Certain Period of Time.
  • In all our Boards we use SoftBoard, which Provides Firm Grip to hold the Push Pin & is always effortless in Placing or Removing them.
  • These Boards are Highly Durable & Completely Unique in Framed Notice Boards Sector.