Cello Fine Grip Ball Pen – Blue


Cello Fine Grip Ball Pen – Blue


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Cello Fine Grip Ball Pen are known for writing instrument.

Cello Fine Grip has also a very Simple & Slim Design, and this pen is Blue in color.

This Cello Fine Grip Ball Pen is very convenient to use and have ergonomic grip zones,

It provides you perfect writing comfort.

You can also use Cello Ball Pen as a perfect gift (for yourself or for friends) Because it has beautiful  body design, which looks completly different.

In our online store Belief Mart you can find all necessary refills for your pens,

All refills are fine ball which makes writing a pleasure.

Ballpoint pens are the most used writing instrument in the world. So,  we offer you ball pens in many different styles and at many different prices.

We have pens for students and office workers and The high quality ink of these ball pens guarantees you perfect results for writing or creative tasks.

The Cello Fine Grip Ball Pen is very Durable and reliable, And a ballpoint pen is the practical choice. And It has very Bold Point ,Which is very smooth while Writing

Ball pen ink is normally a paste containing around 25 to 40 percent dye. The dyes are suspended in a solvent of “oil”.

The most common of the oils in ball pen inks are benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol, which mix with the dyes to create a smooth paste that dries quickly.

The dyes used in ballpoint pens are basic dyes based on triarylmethane and acid dyes derived from diazocompounds or phthalocyanine.

Inks in ball pens are resistant to water after drying but can be defaced by certain solvents which include acetone and various alcohols.

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Key Features :

  • Barrel & Cap: Transparent
  • Clip, Nozzle & Button: Solid Plastic Matching Ink Colour
  • Grip: Elasto Grip for Pressure Free Writing
  • Tip: Swiss Metal 0.7mm Nickle Silver