Foldable (Magnetic) White Board, Double-Sided (12″x18″ inch)

Foldable (Magnetic) White Board, Double-Sided (12″x18″ inch)

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Key Features :

  • STUDY SURFACE- Double-sided self-standing small tabletop magnetic dry erase whiteboard easel with a sturdy surface.
  • It is a smooth and scratch-resistant surface for easy to write on and easy to wipe clean without stain.
  • USE SAFELY & FRIENDLY- We use special PNEUMATIC SPRING for this small board. It is an IMPORTANT part, this is the high quality and our kids can open and close easily and never hurt our children’s hands., for easy understanding you can check the image for reference.
    SAFETY is the most important aspect.
  • FLEXIBLE MULTI-USING- Easy to carry by the Lightweight and Foldable. Comfortable for daily use in anywhere. This dry erase board is a good idea for small group Learning, home, school, office, and more.
  • Great help for managers, teachers, students, and kids, etc.
  • Perfect for guided reading, presentation, drawing, education and score counting, etc.
  • MAGNETIC DOUBLE SIDED WHITEBOARD- The double-sided will give you maximum writing space. It allows you to have two projects going and being able to focus on one list at a time. Perfect to keep you focused. The magnetic surface makes it convenient for teaching children.
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