Magnetic Whiteboard & Chalkboard Dusters for Children (Pack of 40)

Magnetic Whiteboard & Chalkboard Dusters for Children (Pack of 40)

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Key Features :

4 Assorted Colors (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)

  • Made of premium quality foam material and high density felt bottom, non-toxic, only the back side with high density felt bottom is magnetic.
  • Designed in a square size 5 x 5 x 2 cm (1.97 x 1.9 x 0.79 inch), the eraser features small, lightweight, suitable for children and adults
  • A good assistant with strong absorb-ability, they are not just erasers, but also can be used as magnets on whiteboard or any other magnetic surface, a handy necessary for classroom, school, home, office meeting
  • To clean the whiteboard easily and effectively, just swipe the eraser with a little pressure to clean your whiteboard
  • Package: includes 40 pieces magnetic whiteboard erasers in 4 colors, 10 pieces for each color


  • Got it if you have a whiteboard calendar or need to discuss a plan with your colleagues, it will make your work smoother and can do better.

School –

  • The erasers are the perfect size to hold for students when they’re using dry erase lap boards also AWESOME to create bar graphs and histograms on the board, kids will love them.

Homeschooling –

  • These erasers are great for our homeschooling family! They work well, are easy to hold, and they stick right to the chalkboards.

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