MC-Squares (Magnetic) Whiteboard Tiles, Large (11.5″x11.5″ inch)

MC-Squares (Magnetic) Whiteboard Tiles, Large (11.5″x11.5″ inch)

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Key Features :

  • AGILE PRODUCTIVITY TOOL: Use in the office, at home or anywhere else you need to organize, categorize, sort, plan or delegate! Great for teams, scrum masters and developers.
  • MAGNETIC ALIGNMENT: Made with rare-earth magnets, our tiles magnetically mount to most metal surfaces and stack perfectly aligned to one another.
  • CATEGORIZE WITH EASE: Mini Tiles include color categorization bands to easily group and prioritize your tiles for an extra layer of definition.
  • REUSABLE: Frameless square tiles with rounded corners can be used over and over again. Mini Tiles are 5in and Large Tiles are 11in square.
  • USE ANYWHERE: Our portable and hand-held whiteboard tiles allow you to turn any space into a productive workspace.
  • The ultimate planner’s tool!mcSquares Tiles are rigid, frameless dry-erase tiles with embedded rare-earth magnets. If you’re to planning your next big project, categorizing your production processes, organizing your home, or just love to think and create using dry-erase, mcSquares Tiles are the perfect, easy to use solution.

    Organize, categorize, sort, plan and delegate; Tiles are a dry-erase organizational system. mcSquares Tiles have rare-earth magnets on the back so they mount to any magnetic surface including file cabinets, factory equipment, magnetic whiteboards and most refrigerators. The magnets also are aligned to work with the rest of the mcSquares System including other Tiles, mcSquares Anti-Gravity Dry Erase Markers, mcSquares Tablets, and mcSquares Frameless Magnetic Whiteboards.


    Give yourself the freedom to think and categorize freely while still maintaining your organizational framework mcSquares Tiles have inter-connecting sizes (Columns, Large, and Minis) that help you coordinate both the big picture and the small details.


    mcSquares Tiles magnetically mount to most metal surfaces and they stack perfectly aligned to one another. This magnetic alignment keeps your planning boards looking sharply categorized and neatly in line with one another. The silicon color bands allow you to color-code your tiles to add another layer of definition.

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