Motivational Black Mini Cork Pin Board, Pack of 4 (12″x12″ inch)

Motivational Black Mini Cork Pin Board, Pack of 4 (12″x12″ inch)

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Key Features :

  • CORK BOARDS FOR YOUR LIFE: You have so much going on in your life, and it’s hard to keep yourself organized! Now, keep calendars, notes, and more in one convenient location with these cork tiles from Ignition Boards! This set of tiles includes 4 small, framed cork boards that measure 12 x 12 inches, so they are perfect for any wall and any room.
  • CREATE A VISION BOARD: Our boards are printed with inspirational words to encourage you to set goals so you can reach your full potential. With a modern design, these words include “Fearless,” “Believe,” “Courage,” and more – so no matter what you have ahead of you, you’ll have the strength to tackle it!
  • PIN UP ANYTHING: Whether you’re making a schedule of your family’s activities for the week or hanging up all your favorite pictures, this tack board is perfect for everything. Use thumbtacks, push pins, or map pins to securely organize your notes, memos, and messages, and if you need to change something, the board will heal for the next pin!
  • READY TO GO: Our cork bulletin board is designed to be quick and easy to hang on any wall and in any room! Plus, with 4 different tiles, you can arrange these black-framed cork boards to your personal preference. Create an art piece with all 4 panels with a collage of photos, or keep each area of your home organized with its own personalized memos.
  • MOTIVATION IN ANY ROOM: With its flexible, motivating design, our push pin board set is ideal for anyone, from teenagers to teachers! It can be used in your kids’ bedrooms to keep their school supplies on hand, or in classrooms to indicate work stations for projects as well as inspirational wall art! Plus, it’s perfect to keep important documents ready in your home office.

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