PinPix Bulletin Boards (Available in 6 Sizes) – Quarterfoil Orange

PinPix Bulletin Boards (Available in 6 Sizes) – Quarterfoil Orange




Key Features :

  • PinPix is a patented canvas corkboard Framed in Satin Black that is custom made to order.
  • PinPix pinboard is made from high-quality canvas with beautiful designs you will be proud to display anywhere in your home.
  • Tack this notice board with a pushpin to display a recipe, photo, note, or a paper.
  • You can use it again and again and your PinPix board will retain most of its pristine quality and appearance!
  • Bulletin board ideas, Great for Class Rooms, Kitchens, Kids Bedrooms, and Offices.

Want to Customize? :

  • We Love doing Customisations for Creative Ones Like You.
  • Need any other size, color, or anything else, It’s done.
  • Just Whatsapp your needs here: Click to Chat

** We Can do any customization, tell us your desired requirements !! **

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