Reusable (Magnetic) Whiteboard Labels, Pack of 24 (2″x4″ inch)

Reusable (Magnetic) Whiteboard Labels, Pack of 24 (2″x4″ inch)

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Key Features :

  • 1,00,000+ USES – High-quality PET film covered reusable magnetic labels. High-quality film guarantees 1,00,000+ uses without wear. Our dry erase magnetic strips are easy to write on and easy to clean. Residue and smudge-free!
  • PERFECT SIZE – Our dry erase labels are the best optimal size. 4 x 2 inch labels are great to write on and comfortable to use. Round edges are safe for children. 
  • USE EVERYWHERE – Use our labels for homeschooling, home or office organization, chore charts, time planning, or just use your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Great all-around magnetic labels.
  • ATTENTION GUARANTEED – 4 Bright colors draw attention in every environment. Don’t be afraid that important information gets overlooked. There are yellow, red, green, and blue-bordered labels in the package. (6 each)
  • GREAT GIFT – Perfect gift for a teacher, coworker, or friend who loves to keep things organized. The package is small and lightweight which makes it a perfect gift. Incredible value for money.

Benefits of TeeChee Magnetic Labels: 

  • Bigger size than most competitors.
  • Smudge and residue-free surface.
  • A high-quality surface guarantees 1,00,000+ uses per magnet.
  • Strong magnets ensure a tight grip on most magnetic surfaces.
  • Dry erase marker included – start using immediately after unboxing.

Where to use TeeChee magnetic labels? 

  • Homeschool – Learn letters, numbers, sentence building,  rhyming dominoes, fractions, sight words flashcards, visual management, brainstorming, etc.
  • Office – Whiteboards, task management, file cabinets, cubicle walls, kanban board, agile and scrum, door name tags, etc.
  • Classroom / School – Whiteboards, lockers, lunch choice labels, school bus seat assignment, magnetic name tags, educational games, etc.
  • Home / Household – Fridge magnets, shopping lists, chore assignment, notifications, reminders, praise notes, motivational quotes, etc.

Choose a more eco-friendly solution instead of paper notes and labels. One of the biggest manufacturers produces over 50 billion paper notes a year which can be used only once. One TeeChee magnetic label can be used over 1,00,000+ times!

Want to Customize? :

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