15 Effective & Ultimate Uses of White Boards for Students (2020)

15 Effective & Ultimate Uses of White Boards for Students (2020)

When I was a Student, which I always want to be because there is no end to Learning or improving oneself. I had to struggle even from easy situations & was unable to manage them efficiently.

May be because I was unaware that managing your life is a skill & in the world there are very rare parents or teachers who tell you that every skill can be learnt, there is nothing which a child gets from the birth.

If you too are a student, then let me share you the best of 17 ways in which as a student you can improve your complete life with just White Marker Boards.

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1. Write Notes or List Priority tasks !!

Your White Board is the best friend when it comes to end Procrastination. It will help you to organize your present as well as the day ahead.

I know you truly want to improve yourself that is why you are here reading this article. So the Biggest Improvement which can make you improve as a whole is to remove procrastinating.

Write down your priority tasks on the White Board, make sure you complete the tasks on the same day so that you can be more effective & productive.

2. Learn Effectively from White Boards !!

There was a survey about the effectiveness of White Boards in a student life. It resulted that the students who use White Boards comparatively to Notebooks are more effective in many ways.

So why leave this piece of information. Start using White Boards in place of Notebooks as it not only save paper or trees but also makes it fun & effective to study.

You get more area, which is bright so that it is clearly visible & you know that visualization is more effective.

3. Use Multiple Colored Markers !!

There are about 4 Primary Colors that can be used in White Boards which is Red, Blue, Black & Green. So you can use all of them while learning anything on your white marker board.

Highlight the stuff that is more important & honestly the use of colored markers is totally dependent up on your use as there are many subjects & courses in which the important stuff varies.

This use of colored markers is totally up to you but yes it will make your learning or anything else which you do while using your white board more effective.

4. Use Magnetic White Boards !!

Magnetic Boards are more efficient than Non-Magnetic White Boards as they are able to hold your papers, dusters, markers & other important stuff because of their magnetic effect.

Using Magnetic White Board on your study table clears of these stuff so that you can use that area for other important belongings.

I have experienced that the more empty area you have on your table, the more efficiently you can work on your tasks & plan the same. So keep your table clean at all times & take out one task and don’t shift to another until its completed.

5. Use White Boards as Calendars !!

Managing Your month is a huge task but if done properly you can multiply the productiveness of your work in the same amount of time. So let me tell you how to do that.

Either you can get a White Board with printed calendar format or if its expensive then take a simple plain White Board & draw the calendar in the whole area. Then manage your tasks by noting them in the specific dates.

This is a proven effective way to manage your complete month. “Don’t count the days, make the days count”

6. A Great Source of Inspiration !!

If you like receiving a dose of Inspiration throughout your workday, you can use your whiteboard as a source of inspiration. You can write down motivational quotes or attach photos that inspires you.

This is the best way of making your work more productive. I myself have a special board just for the Quotes which are linked to the mistakes or the lack I am doing to my work.

Right Now its – “The Pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow” 🙂

7. A Good Place for Revisions & Learning !!

Like I mentioned earlier, you can use the whiteboard for your learnings. Example Mathematics Questions, Physics, English Grammar & other important subjects.

It is a very good place for your revisions too. Why waste Paper – made from our Beatiful Trees. But this is not the only reason Why I am saying to use White Boards for revisions.

I myself used this in my 10th & 12th Standard & recommended this to all my friends & everybody liked my idea & same I am being doing since then. You too can try using & feel the same.

8. How About Daily Routine or Diet ??

You must have heard this almost Infinite times that be consistent & have healthy lifestyle for being more productive, Right ??

But what we are not told is how to implement this, we just get these Quotes all over but HOW to start ??

This is the time when White Boards can be extremely useful as you can make changes anytime. Use Big Size White Boards for more visibility & starting today use them for your Daily Routine & a Healthy Diet.

9. Extremely Useful for Math Lovers !!

This section is not for everyone 😀 but if you are a math lover or have taken Mathematics then let me tell you Mathematics Loves White Board 😀

I was a Science Student with Mathematics & its true that I really loved mathematics & it was among the best subjects for me. What I realised late is that I have been consuming a lot of Notebooks as I keep on solving the questions again & again.

At last the White Board came into my mind & I started using it which was really amazing because of great space & erasibiliy. Try !!

10. Great Product for Music Learners !!

A review from music Student – “I bought it for my Piano Studio where often theory has to be explained in drawings – this is far better than a notebook. Compact size, good quality & ideal for Studio Usage.”

I hope now you got my idea, if you too are learning music or anything else then the White Boards can be really effective & fun to use.

And if you are not learning anything new, then you can start something as it will definitely help your mind to boost.

11. Makes You Stay Away from Mobile 🙂

When you are involved in learning anything in a fun or effective way then obviously you spend more time in it compared to getting distracted with Social Media or other uses in Mobile.

If you truly are willing to improve yourself & have come to this point in reading then yes you can feel a Huge Impact on your mobile usage when you start using a White Board Effectively.

This is one of my main moto & vision as it has really helped a lot of students whom we have served the White Boards.

12. Best Tool for Brain Storming !!

Again a Review from Student – “Liked it, and working absolutely well. It’s so much easier to brainstorm on a big board than a notebook. Loving the experience.”

Yes this is true & you too can use the White Boards for Brain Storming. As a student you should always sharpen your brain for it to work more efficiently which makes your more productive.

Also you can use these White Board with your friends & have Discussions which will really help you in your professional lives.

13. Use White Boards for Exams !!

Student White Boards are Great for Exam Preparations. Where you can write points to memorize it, practice the questions, revise the syllabus & more ..

Most important of all, you can use your white board in managing your days according to your progress & current situation or stats.

I myself used this & saw a great difference in my progress. These are just sample tips, you can use the board in your own unique way & get the most out of it.

14. Achieve Your Goals !!

The more you see your goals written on it , the same will let you working towards it & will make your achieve it slowly & effectively.

This is amongst the Greatest Use of White Marker Boards in a Student Life. We all have Goals & Discipline is the Bridge between Dreams & Goals so wake up everyday with your Goal written in front of you.

May be it sounds silly to some of the students using white boards, but you can feel the growth if you obey this for 21 days.

15. Handwriting & Diagrams !!

It’s not about Good Handwriting, it is all about being neat as neatness is very essential for a lot of good stuff.

Use Your White Board for Improving your Handwriting & it will definitely get improve. You can also use the White Board to Practice Diagrams which are really essential for understanding.

These are just some of the ways of using the White Boards. Everything Depends up on YOU .. Cheers !!

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