The 6 Biggest Mistakes you are making while Working from home that can be stopped !! (2020)

The 6 Biggest Mistakes you are making while Working from home that can be stopped !! (2020)

Working from home is the new normal here in India, so there are no right tools or guides that can help you get the best out of this beautiful opportunity.

Yes, working from home is not a disaster. It’s a beautiful opportunity, and we will make you believe the same by solving the biggest mistakes you are driving while at home-office by simply investing in the Right Tools. Let’s Get Started by saying Hello, to a bright future by Working from Home 🙂

1. Not Being Stationary & Sitting all the time while working -

According to a study published, most of us don’t move while working at home and sit on our chairs always, which creates physical problems in the long run. Sitting for excessively long periods can be a risk factor of early death in Internal Medicine’s Annals.

But there’s good news: Researchers found that people who sat for less than 30 minutes at a time had the lowest risk of early death and very more productive. So its best to be in a standing position for the maximum time you can be.

Invest in Whiteboard Stands for yourself, there are many ways you can use them, and you can find all the types and choose the one best suited for you by Clicking Here.

2. A Dedicated Office Environment -

Without a dedicated workplace, you can keep on working all the time as there is no clear distinction between work and home, which affects your lifestyle and well-being.

You can create any room in the workplace by placing a whiteboard stand, desktop whiteboard, or more. Here is the complete list of Tools – Work from Home Tools !!

The right tools make all the difference – Take sewing as an example: sewing by hand is a skill that takes years of practice to develop. Sewing on a machine is much faster, and most people can get consistently good results with just a little practice.

*Bonus Tip* – Invest in a comfortable office chair and a table which is large enough to fit all of your essential stuff (Laptop, Desktop, Printer, Keyboard, mouse & more).

3. Not creating structure and being organized -

A consistent schedule that you’re strict about – to prevent distractions from disturbing your workflow. The easiest way to do this is to create a to-do list for each day. It should be particular, measurable, and achievable tasks. You need to adjust tomorrow’s list depending on what you get done today.

A good to-do list will shape your day & help you focus on the most important things to you. Your tasks need to be very specific. You can’t try to add too much in one day.

You also need to make more than one list like one for Office, Personal, and your wish.

One of the most powerful tools is the Calendar or Planning Boards. Don’t forget to have a look. They might help you in a big way by allowing you to manage your week, month, or even a year.

4. Self Motivation -

Without the people around you, it can be challenging to feel motivated and valued. In these circumstances, using self-motivation techniques can boost your confidence, promote positive thinking, and keep powering on.

The best way for Self Motivation is to place a Big Whiteboard in the place you work and note down your Biggest Goal, the one who is pushing you all the time.

It can be any quote or speech that inspires you. As viewing it every day will work with the Law of Attraction and you will feel motivated to accomplish your goals.

5. Avoid Distractions & Stay Disciplined -

Distractions like kids, pets, and more can drain your focus, especially when you are stressed. Also, according to a study, it takes around 25 minutes to get back your guide.

You know that being disciplined is the key to success, and yes, it is the most significant factor and plays a key role. I have been terrible at this too but trying my best to be disciplined 🙂

Which tools can help you to avoid distractions? First of all, your Mindset will determine whether you will follow the steps and invest in the right tools.

Re-usable stickies are the best tool that can help you to focus on your tasks or even a to-do list. Pick up a job and write it down in front of you, and no matter what happens you need to finish the task and then move to the next one.

Even because you are disturbed, you know immediately you sit on your chair that what needs to be done. Be Organized !!

6. Missing Deadlines & Important Tasks -

Set deadlines and empower yourself to get the work done.

Productivity isn’t just working. It’s working on the right things and accomplishing meaningful goals first. Work efficiently, and recognize when time is being wasted. See the opportunity for improvements.

Focus on your most important task –
This is not the time for busywork. Workers should be devoting their energy to top-priority issues. Employees, particularly those facing increased workloads as they juggle family and work tasks, should prioritize important work.

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