Why Use White Marker Boards instead of Chalk Boards in School ??

Why Use White Marker Boards instead of Chalk Boards in School ??

In India you will find Either the Black Chalk Boards or the Green Chalk Boards getting used for Teaching Purposes. But these are conventional boards being used from many years & it’s time for upgrade.

So continue reading the article below as We got you some of the most Effective Uses of White Marker Boards for Schools & how they can give more than what we think of them.

Here are 8 of the Reasons why we recommend White Boards instead of Chalk Boards. Let’s Get Started .. 🙂

1. High Visibility from Long Range !!

White Boards are mostly used with Black Markers which increases their visibility from long distance so that the children sitting at the last bench also find it convenient.

Black Markers use is not the only reason, but also the Dedicated & Upgraded White Sheets specially designed for Writing Purpose make it superior.

2. Extremely Easy to Erase !!

We Mostly see Teachers putting up their Energy in Erasing the Boards, but it’s very hard or the board is with White Patches of Duster in Chalk Boards.

But this is not in the case of White Marker Boards, We have Designed White Boards which takes Least Effort & your board is back in the way it was. SUPER CLEAN & SUPER WHITE !!

3. Markers are Comparatively Easy to Use !!

We often see the Dust Generated from the Chalks, though it has been reduced after Low-Dust Chalks come into use but 90% of the Teachers Prefer teaching with Markers as they are more convenient.

Available in Multiple Colors like Black, Red, Green, Blue & More make it exciting to teach as you can prioritize the teachings with colors.

4. Active Engagement Increases !!

When the Children are able to see more clearly, they really get Engaged & this is a fact. You can yourself try this in your school.

One Class with a Chalk Board & other with White Board, Colored Markers. You yourself know the Engagement Ratio in White Board Class.

5. White Board Makes it FUN !!

White Boards are changing the way students learn, work & visually communicate. The board make it more fun when it comes to teaching.

Children love fun & you can get their attention, engagement, focus all with just Replacing or Installing White Boards in your Classes.

6. Beauty Creates Positivity !!

One thing that was always in our mind while designing our Belief White Boards is the effect of Beauty. You walk everyday & sit in the class room for so many years.

Did you know, Our Belief White Boards will not only be great Teaching tools but will definitely make the environment visually appealing and stimulating for students & teachers.

7. Make's it TIDY when Writing !!

As a White Board Marker is like Pen so it’s more handy as compared to the thin chalks which even impact the Handwriting on the Boards.

More the TIDY the writing or teaching are in the board, more the students will understand & learn.

8. No Dust or Hurting Fingers !!

As with the use of chalks, they get smaller & smaller but the teacher have to use it no matter thinking of the inconvenience.

Unlikely White Board Markers, which can easily used & Refilled when required. It not only saves Money, but are worth the use. ** The BIGGEST ADVANTAGE of WHITE BOARDS **

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